Festival Blues | #OOTD

A very creative title am I right? The dress has blue hues in it and I believe it’s suitable for festival wear. Bam! I’m a genius haha. Would it blow all you minds if I said I’ve never even been to a festival? Ed Sheeran’s concert had a festival feel to it though so I’ll just say I’ve been to a half festival haha

I got this dress from a shop I’m starting to love more and more, Sportsgirl. As you know I live in the sales sections and I can never believe my luck when I find a piece like this. I was in a dilemma recently where I wanted to wear a dress but none of them were casual enough for the event. So if I had just found this a few weeks before hand we would’ve had a great time haha

The colours are great for me as I have red-undertones so the green and blue are just grand for my skin-tone! It goes great with both boots, like I’ve styled it here, and flats so it can be worn for just heading to the beach or dressed up a little for a nice dinner with friends in the summer. Enjoy!

So what you think? Do wear anything similar? Whats your go to style for festivals? Let me know in the comments!

Love Always,

I also don’t usually like my real smile, to be honest I hate it. So I slowly want to get used to it. My sister managed to take this photo of me. I don’t like the smile obviously but I look happy and not just fake happy for the camera. Plus it’ll remind me of how funny it was trying to take these pics in a more public place haha!