A line a day for three years | RaiRambles

I bought this book from Typo half way through 2015 in preparation for 2016. I have seen these around before but never picked one up myself as I thought I wouldn’t stick to it. Seeing as I now have been blogging over a year I now realized now is the time to take on that task; a line a day for three years!

I’m actually pretty excited for this. Blogging itself is a great way to reflect and see how your writing, opinions and mind changes over time. So having a physical copy to hold and reflect on easily makes it a challenge I can’t wait to start.

Luckily this book gives you prompts to write to, for example, “What makes you unique” to “what’s in your fridge right now” haha so for those who don’t know how to start writing it allows you to express yourself in guidelines you can expand from. Which for me really helps otherwise I would be writing about nonsense!

Along with the bright colours and fantastic designs this diary really gets you motivated to stick with it, (it also has copper gold on the front so I had to get it haha) I’m excited to see if I last the three years! (I’ll be 25 when it’s done! OMG!) 

Let me know if any of you have attempted this or would like to try a challenge like it yourself! Would you want highlights of pages I write? Comment below!

Love Always,