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If you read my post just the other day you know I’ll be very busy over the next week! So posting will be delayed until I can get back home to my lovely computer. Plus it’s also January where we get into wanting fresh blogs to read and grow our reading list. So to spread some love, give you great blogs to read while mine is quiet for a week I thought I’d share 5 blogs that I am loving at the moment!

 So let’s hop straight into it! I feel like I have a range of blogs covered and you’ll all enjoy them as much as I do! A few I’ve been reading for a while and I think I’ve put in at least one or two new reads!

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Alice Red | Alice runs both her blog and a YouTube channel that link the two together. Starting as mainly a beauty blog she is now starting to talk about her photography. Alice made a great video HERE, talking all about her journey with photography and art, you should check it out! When reading her blog you feel like you’ve been friends for years. If you want beauty, vlogs, photography and a welcoming space check out Alice Red!

Charline Has A Blog | One of the first blogs I ever started to follow when I began my blog. I found Charline through a bloglovin’ suggestion. I was in awe straight away as Charline was fairly new to the blog world and was posting daily and had a great relationship with her ever growing followers. I looked up to her a lot at the beginning of my blog journey. Charline posts mainly about beauty, she gives great reviews, tutorials and hauls. She also mixes it up with interiors, lifestyle and will be involving more of her music this year!

Britton Loves | If you love lifestyle, beauty and interior design Lauren has you covered! Lauren also has a YouTube channel HERE, which she had been so open about her self on that I feel like I am now watching a friend. Her blog also contains in-depth rambles that make you step back and think, which I enjoy. She is also an avid lover of blue, sweet potato and candles so I think I’d happily be friends with her haha. Go check out her blog for some great writing and photography skills!

Kati Rose | I haven’t come across many music blogs so Kati’s caught my eye for her uniqueness. Kati was also one of the first people to comment on my blog, I am so glad she did as I was thinking about giving it up at the time. Kati’s post are mixed with great facts, opinions and her amazing sense of humour. She usually always has me laughing by the end plus her love for One Direction is unstoppable it’s amazing! Her latest confessions post was brilliant! Give her a read.

Hello Miss Jordan | The newest favourite on my blogging list! I discovered Jordan after she won the ‘Best up and coming fashion blog‘ in the bloggers blog awards and she was all over my twitter dash. After having a peak around I soon was in awe of her fashion posts and found out she loved Disney and dreaming about being in a real life fairy tale as much as I did so I followed instantly. Go give her a read for fashion, beauty, food and travel!

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So I hope you all don’t miss me too much while I’m gone. As I said in the last post you should be able to catch me tweeting, instagraming or sometimes snapchatting haha! 

Let me know your favourite blogs to read below so we can help each other grow our reading lists!  

Love Always,