2015 | 2016

So a year has passed already. 2016 is here and are we ready for it? Mostly not but I’m very excited for it to start! Reading back on my post this time last year makes me laugh! I was totally on the mindset that 2015 was going to be a blast and have no negatives. Woah! Hold your horses Rai, you are in for a shock! 

2015 was mainly downs. Now I wont be a downer about this or moan and rant. I am actually happy about this. What? You say, happy about having a bad year? Yes. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t be who I am now. 2015 was a learning year. Not for learning French (which whoops I still haven’t done haha) but for learning hard life lessons and that I can build a better me.

Work, sucked. Literally. It was the worst. I was harassed by a ‘superior’ had multiple panic attacks and major anxiety about going there. But from this? Yes I lost shifts and still have anxiety. But I found my voice. I spoke up about it, I stopped taking shit from others saying I should just forgive and forget. I learnt to take control and know what was right by me. I met friends within work who supported me. Who I look forward to working with (Courtney, Shanell, Holly, Amelia. I don’t think any of you know this blog exists but thank you!) 

I talked to people about my anxiety. Which was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I am grateful I did as I now have people to text and call if its getting too much. (Courtney, Henna, Alyssa and Bronte).

I let it go.
Slowly. But surely. I stopped needing to talk about it so much and started enjoying the little things again. This is what makes me excited for 2016.

I was naive going into 2015 thinking it would be all sunshine and daises. I now can walk forward into 2016 knowing that life is a mixture of positive and negatives but I am strong enough to push through the negatives and only focus on positives happening around me!

–     –     –     –     –

So I don’t want to make any full on goals. I know there isn’t a real point now. Life happens and it is wonderful and strange. So here are some things I know will happen that I’m looking forward to, with a mix of “that would be cool to happen” ideas;

New Zealand | My family are thinking about booking tickets and visitng New Zealand this year. I am super excited and hope this happens! Hobbiton here I come!

Tattoo | Much to my parents despise, I might just go out and get one this year! Who knows?

Learn | Anything from anyone. You should never stop. Hey, maybe it will even be French hahaha

Supanova | I go every year and I’m excited about this one! I may even cos-play! Clara from Doctor Who anyone?

RTXAU | Another big event created by one of my favourite YouTube channels ‘RoosterTeeth’! It is their first event outside America and they decided on my city. I am so excited for this so look out for a post later on in January! 

Learn to Drive | Might as well put it out in the universe and hope that it happens some day haha

There’s a few things that I get to look forward to and maybe do on a whim! 

–     –     –     –     –

Utter Ardour was created coming into 2016 and I am super excited for where it is heading! Goals are more necessary for this project.

Be more involved | Last year I had a goal of being more involved, it helped immensely and I talked to a lot more wonderful bloggers! So I want to continue this and hopefully expand how I do this in 2016.

YouTube | I’m thinking of incorporating YouTube videos into the blog. I still have to get used to the camera and learn to edit but I’m hopeful this might come about.

Organized |  Again another goal from last year. Some months I was totally on top of this but for others life or problems got in the way. I really want to work on this!

Grow | I want to explore different ways to blog, grow in my writing and be more confident to try new things. Lets see how we do shall we!

–     –     –     –     –

All in all, I want to thank all of you again. For taking time to read the blog, leave comments and just being your overall awesome selves! 2016 will be great if we make it even with both the ups and downs! 

Have a fantastic new year! If you want to see anything in particular, or have any ideas comment below! 

Love Always,