Rai Erin Rose | Utter Ardour

I am super excited to announce the re-brand of Rai Erin Rose! Welcome to the new and approved blog!

Welcome to Utter Ardour!

It took me a while to get enough nerves up to start this re-brand and change the design of the blog. I was getting a bit let down from the design and the name. I finally talked to enough people that I decided I needed the change going into 2016. 

I also spent a lot of time thinking about changing the name. Rai Erin Rose, my name, my stories. But it didn’t really fit with how the blog was growing. I wanted a place for all of you to interact with and the name being solely about me didn’t seem right anymore.
After tossing and turning Utter Ardour was created.

| Utter |


complete; absolute. 

She stared at her in utter amazement

| Ardour |


great enthusiasm or passion.

She spoke persuasively and with ardour

This blog has become such a passion of mine that the name just fit. Absolute Passion.

Layout wise, I wanted something that flowed better and was nicer on the eye. I hope this responds to all of you! Simple, professional and fresh, I think that I got this out of the layout. The colours are also cleaner and brighter. They give a more welcoming feel rather than the clash of the green and orange, the blue fits in better.

I want to also quickly thank all my friends who I kept annoying while asking them a billion things. Also to the following lovely bloggers; Kati, Alice and Charline who I pestered over email about the name change! haha Thank you all!

I can’t wait to keep seeing how I can improve and how the blog will grow in 2016! Just know that I am very excited and happy about this new start!

I really hope you all enjoy it and keep reading! Let me know what you think!

Love Always,