Mini Lush Haul | Beauty

I only went to Lush for the first time the other day (yes I know how can that be haha) I was very excited because even though we have been in a house with a bath now for quite a few months I still haven’t had a bath! Plus for some weird reason my brain only associated Lush to Europe and America and so I didnt think we had stores in Australia! hahaha!

So that needed to change immediately with some great Lush products! I decided to start with just three bath bombs then last minute I saw a lip Scrub. Here’s what I bought;

Floating Island Bath Melt |

This bath melt was very calming, when I first saw it I thought it looked like a little cloud. It was very smooth on my skin and I liked the vanilla mixed with lemon scent. I would use this again when I feel my skin getting a tad too dry and I want a moisturizing pamper session!

Space Girl Bath Bomb |


This bath bomb was very exciting to use I have seen so many people purchase this one so wanted to give it a try myself! I’m glad I did, it was so very pretty when I dropped it in and the fizzing started. It even looked like a galaxy expanding so it stuck true to its name. I also was very excited that the top layer of water was covered in glitter so the bath looked like a part of space, it was a plus when I wasn’t covered head to toe in it either! Magic!

Bright side bubble bar & Mint Julips Lip Scrub|

 Lets be honest and say I chose this one due to the colour haha its orange duh! I haven‘t used this yet I may treat myself on my birthday! But I am very excited for all the bubbles it is said to produce.


The Lip Scrub was something my sister pointed to on the way out I took one glance and thought I might as well try it. The times I have used it, my lips have felt smoother. As someone who always has cracked lips it is a good last minute lifesaver. Plus IT TASTES AMAZING. Like mint chocolate, sometimes I use it just so I can get away with eating it!

So yes it was only a mini taste of what Lush has to offer but I can already feel myself getting addicted and will definitely be trying more in the future!

Tell me your favourites from Lush which you think I should try!