I’m feeling 22 | RaiRambles

I’m now officially a 22 year old.

This birthday was a good one. After having one of the most chaotic years of my life and my 21st year not being the best I hoped it would’ve been I was glad that I bought my 22nd year into full swing in a great atmosphere. Good karma should follow! 

I started the day waking up to yet again my mum pulling off an adorable presentation of presents! If you don’t know I’m a big fan of Paris and will hopefully one day get to go! So until then my mum bought Paris to me.

She and my sister had stayed up late the night before to put together this little paper Paris scene and it was just super cute! Of coarse my present was all wrapped up in orange as well!



After presents I immediately went back to watching ‘Orphan Black’ which is my new addiction! If any of you watch, let me know haha I’m half way through season 2 and that’s all we have on netflix so I’m really hoping I’m not missing any seasons but I’m too scared to check haha 

Here’s a look at what my family got me;

 Later on in the day I went to lunch with my bestie Alyssa, we ate a lot, talked a lot, exchanged gifts and had a lot of laughs. It was just what I wanted! After that we did a little window shopping, went to her boyfriends and chilled before we went out for dinner and drinks with all my other friends!

I wanted one of those funny awkward “prom photos” before we left and this was the result! haha

 After eating, drinking and having hilarious chats with my fabulous friends we grabbed ice cream and head to the beach. You know those moments where you take it all in and are grateful for little things? Well having ice cream in hand, my feet in the ocean, a nearly full moon above me and my friends watching me from the shore it was a moment of, yes this year was a bit over the place. But I have so many good things in my life and a whole lot more excitement to find in the future.

So bring it on 2016 and my 22nd year. I’m going to make it the best one yet!

Merry Christmas everyone! It is Christmas eve as I type this, literally midnight in about two hours! So I will see you all on the flip side! Have a good one!

Love Always,