Flashback 2015 | A post, a month

With the new year around the corner I wanted to do a little flashback of posts from every month this year. These are posts I either enjoyed writing, events I loved going to or work I was proud of. Each different in their own way. I want a lot more of these in 2016 so lets take a look back! (Sings Calvin Harris’ ‘Flashback’ to herself)

Jan | One of my favourite books of the year. I liked taking the photos and I started talking more in depth about the book. 

Feb | Let’s be honest and say I just loved how the photos of the books turned out! Also a great event hearing Bobbi Brown speak and an overall great, sunny day in the city volunteering.

Mar | I got to see Lisa Mitchell live again! She was my first ever concert so seeing it documented on the blog makes me happy! A post I’ll look back on to remember how much I love her work and seeing her live.

Apr | My most popular post of all time! I decided to let you all know me a bit better and I got great reactions! Is one of the reasons I now open up more and consider making a YouTube channel to get to know you all a lot better.

May | I loved writing this post. It was more of an in depth discussion and also led to a mini series I did which you can see here! It also allowed me to broaden my topics and not be afraid to join discussion such as this post here where I talked about whether or not social media is good or bad.

Jun | My series ‘Rai of Sunshines’ began with my friend Bronte. I had wanted to do an interview series for a while to see how it worked and just went for it. I like how it allowed for collaboration and I got a whole new insight into my friends minds!

Jul | Supanova! One of my favourite parts of my year! I love this event, I get to be surrounded by loved actors and actresses, writers, cosplayers, fandoms! It is amazing.

Aug | I just really like this outfit haha

Sep | Louise is one of the joys in life. Well at least to me. So I loved reading and reviewing her book. I also really went all for it and made it a really in depth review compared to past posts. I felt it pushed me a bit more and allowed for growth in my writing!

Oct | I didn’t have a pinterest fail! Which automatically makes this a great post haha Also all my guests at the Halloween party did the double take when finally noticing the eyes!

Nov | Taylor Swift. Nuff said.

Now we are in December and I like every post I have done this month! I also re-branded! It was my birthday and Christmas! 2015 is closing and we are all ready to take 2016 on! I hope you have enjoyed all these posts as much as I. Lets look forward to what blogging in 2016 will look like!

Did you have a favourite post of the year? Is there anything you’ll like to see in 2016? Leave a comment and let me know!

Love Always,