Events with Rai | Sam Smith

When Sam Smith first announced the shows he played earlier in the year I was so upset I didn’t have money for tickets. Sam’s voice was incredible and I would never see him live! Then I got a new job a week later (I was pissed haha). He then announced new shows and I got those tickets as fast as I possibly could! 

Last night I finally got to hear him live and there was no disappointments!

Production wise the stage was simple, Sam standing on the floor with his musicians and singers on higher stages behind him. The whole focus was his voice, which is the main reason I wanted to see him live in the first place. I had heard him on TV playing live before and got goosebumps from that, getting to hear him in person was 100 times better!

(Ignore bad photo please haha but this was the stage!)


I could’ve stayed for hours longer. I also want to shout out the band and the back up singers. They were so good I would see them all singularly in concert, amazing performances. All the voices melted so well together that you could hear everyone in the audiences breaths being taken away.

I might post some of the videos on my FaceBook page if you are all interested 🙂 you can find that: here.

If you are deciding to see Sam live or not I would highly encourage you to do so. He is an amazing vocalist and he was so cute sharing his stories with us. Plus his smile is gorgeous! What more could you ask for?

Have you seen Sam live? Let me know! 

Love Always,