Events with Rai | No Filter Show

The holy trinity of YouTube. Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart. Bringing their show to Australia. How could I not get tickets! (I even pulled out of my Europe savings for them whoops!). 

 To say I was excited is an understatement, standing in line with my sister I got more and more ecstatic as we got closer and closer to these people who I’ve been watching for years! I managed to get us VIP passes so we could grab photos and say hi before the show. 

People always ask if I’m scared that I’ll be disappointed meeting people and if they ever end up not living up to expectations. Luckily I never have been! These three blew my mind! They were literal perfection. That may be an overstatement and my fan girl coming to the surface haha but they were all so gorgeous, lovely and nice that I nearly died from being overwhelmed haha!

I made my sister go first to try and calm down but I still couldn’t handle myself or stop shaking haha I remember Grace coming up asking for my camera and giving me a hug (she then proceeded to take this photo)

 I then turned around after still processing Grace towards Hannah who introduced herself to everyone “Hi! I’m Hannah” (which how adorable and to which I think I replied “I know” very awe like haha) she gave one of the best hugs ever then bam Mamrie was there with the best smile on the earth and a hug. After all the hellos and telling them my name an awe struck Rai got pics haha

Then onto the show! I didn’t actually take many pictures inside due to the fact that I wanted to take it all in. The No Filter Show was filled with songs, skits and games which all made me laugh harder than usual. It was great as it was like watching their YouTube videos come to life and see more of the process behind them. 

If they bring the tour to you I would 10/10 recommend! It was a great night of comedy! Grace’s skit, Hannah running through the audience and hi-fiving me, Mamrie just being Mamrie (she is my icon atm haha) It was a fantastic night!

Have any of you been to the ‘No Filter Show’? Did you enjoy it as much as me, let me know!

Love Always,