Events with Rai | Ed Sheeran

I’ve only ever heard good things about Ed Sheeran and his performances. Being the last concert of the year (most likely) I was super keen for the line up; Foy Vance, Passenger, Rudimental and Ed Sheeran. 

I hadn’t heard of Foy Vance, but as I was bringing my sister and mum, of course my mum looked into every detail haha So before going I knew he was a Northern Irish singer. He was brilliant and made us all miss Ireland a whole lot! The last song he sang was like a lullaby but he also included rock vibes. It was a cool mix and how can you go past his accent!

Passenger was hilarious! Throughout his performance he was cracking jokes and hilarious comments. Plus his voice is amazing! I was really looking forward to Passenger so I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed. He sung 5 songs total, I wish it was longer but they were enough to see his talent live. It was also cool seeing him on Ed’s tour as they both started as buskers and are now performing for stadiums. Was great to see.

Rudimental. My mum was looking forward to them most haha. Everyone was up and dancing with them. They gave off a great atmosphere and all had their own little solo parts to showcase everyone in the group. It was like watching a group of (very talented) friends mess around and have fun. It was great.

What I also liked, was that the area we were in, gave off a very music festival vibe. There was the mosh at the front which was very chill considering haha and then people sitting down and just dancing near the back. This was good because I got to hang near the mosh but my sister and mum could chill near the back, as my sister is known to faint in big crowds haha

Picture the scene; all acts have performed. All 48000 people are waiting for Ed Sheeran to come on stage. Red, Purple and black clouds are seen in the distance. A flash of lightning. THEN POURING RAIN. When I say thunder storm I am not kidding. It literally turned into the apocalypse, panic rises that it will be cancelled before Ed gets on stage. Then an angel appears Ed himself.

I have never been to a concert in the rain. It was hilarious. Remember that everyone is literally in singlets and shorts because half an hour before it was 30 degrees haha! But we rocked it! It stopped about 3 songs in and luckily I stayed warm dancing along haha!

Ed was a superstar. Just him alone on stage creating the tracks with his loop board. I’ve never been so entranced. It was amazing to experience first hand, he is one talented human being. I spent most of the night just taking it in and getting into the moment. He sung a few crowd favourites and got everyone involved which is always one of my favourite things singers do. 

To top it off he introduced a special guest, yes I was praying for Taylor because duh I love her haha. THEN HE INTRODUCED SIR ELTON JOHN. No I did not stutter yes Elton John came onto stage and sung two songs with Ed. If you were to tell me that in my lifetime I would see one of the most famous musicians live I would not believe you. They sung ‘don’t go breaking my heart’ I nearly died haha

Over all a fantastic concert and I’ll have many memories to go along with it! From all the wonderful opening acts, to dancing in the pouring rain with Ed it will go down in my history as one of the best nights!

Let me know if you’ve seen Ed live, what did you love most?

Love Always,