Volunteering | Business Chicks with Turia Pitt

Turia Pitt. When I mention that name, a lot of the time people don’t recognize it, once I explain her story, they know immediately. I find it funny that were great at remembering people at their darkest hour rather than remember their names and who they are today. Luckily enough I was part of the volunteer team this October to help run Business Chicks breakfast with speaker Turia Pitt. 


 I knew it would be a great event to work at due to the fact I have worked with Business Chicks on multiple occasions and having studied events I had to look into the event that changed Turia Pitts life. Hearing her speak on the news, interviews was one thing so hearing her face to face would be amazing. I was not disappointed!

So how did I discover Turia? Like most Aussies I first heard her name on the news in 2011 after her and several others were caught in a massive bush fire while running a marathon event. It was devastating to say the least. She was burned to 65% of her body and I can‘t even imagine the pain she must have felt.

Since then however she has become a massive motivational speaker, humanitarian, official ambassador for Interplast, writer and so much more! 

Now on to the event! It was hosted at one of the regular hotels Business Chicks often go back to, the tables were set, gift bags packed and the fabulous attendees arrived. Business Chicks attendees are not only who you would look up to career wise but also fashion wise haha

Turia’s speech was as Ron Weasley would say “bloody brilliant”. It was a mix of emotions. Inspiring one minute to full on comedy the next! Turia speech had the whole room laughing, which I guess my brain didn’t let me expect due to the pain of her past but I love how through that pain she had all this humor and joy. Plus being able to bring that to a whole room of people was amazing to watch!

What stood out from her speech to me was that she kept saying that “Pain is inevitable it is how you handle it, that matters” how we look at things can definitely change the course of our day/year/life! 

“Our mind is our weapon or our weakness”

She also went on to say how if she was down or angry she would use the burns as her excuse. That everyone finds their weakness and uses it as an excuse for their behavior. Turia even got everyone in the room to put up their hands if they ever used the excuse “I don’t have time”. Everyone raised her hands then she said something that stuck with me.

“We shouldn‘t be allowed to use time as an excuse. Time is the only thing given to everyone fairly

So I’ll try to slow down the excuses because she is right. We all have been given the same amount of hours in a day and we use excuses for when we are too scared or don’t think we can change/become something new. 

“It shouldn’t take a tragedy to see this”

If you ever happen to hear Turia speak I highly recommend it! You can watch her TedX talk HERE. Also HERE is a link to her website!   
Let me know what you think of her TedX talk below

Love Always,