The amazing book is not on fire | Book Review

‘The amazing book is not on fire’ is not what I expected at all. I thought it would be a series of stories about Dan Howell and Phil Lester, and technically it was part bio but the book was also filled with advice, trivia, a Japanese travel guide, games and just over all randomness. To put it lightly it was amazing (pun intended)! 


Over all the book is an insight into the ‘world’ that Dan and Phil have created online. They are two of the biggest YouTubers and even have their own radio show. They have traveled around the world, interviewed celebrities and created a fandom of their very own. The juxtaposition of Dan and Phil is comedic genius. Just with basic images next to each other you can see their complete personalities. Guess which side is dans haha

The layout of the book is unique and written in a way where you could imagine them actually talking to you. I could even see the faces they would pull at certain parts as the writing was very realistic. As an avid viewer it was fantastic to see them come to life off the paper just like they do in their videos. 
It is written as if it is in MSN (or just texts) form. It makes it flow as a conversation and you feel more apart of it rather than just an onlooker. 

The book isn’t really separated into chapters however there is some flow to it. We begin right at the beginning, literally, move through their childhood, into Uni and come towards their YouTube life. This is when the advice starts to come into the book, I really enjoyed seeing how they began making videos and how they help you create your own. There is even a “YouTube Idea Generator” haha! If I was to make a first YouTube video based on this it would be; ‘Create a life-size Plasticine stop-motion film of the end of the world.” How wonderful haha!

Pros: It never gives off a fake, “we are just making a book cause everyone else is nature”, which is what I first think when I pick up a YouTube book. (I haven’t been disappointed yet so I’m very happy!) It is perfect for a mood booster, there are many laughs to have. Also great if you feel like you’re a bit alone in your quirkiness. I totally related to Phil with his shadow world. You don’t have to read it in order; I usually always have to read from beginning to end (even when they say you don’t have to) because you usually do, but this was so great in allowing you to just start wherever you want to.

Cons:There aren’t many. If you haven’t experienced the world of Dan and Phil you may be a tad weird-ed out and confused by their spontaneous and awkward nature. Also Dan’s handwriting, no really there are a few handwritten things from them in the book and I could not read his writing easily at all! haha (Sorry Dan, I still love you)

The book is great for all ages, if you are thinking about grabbing this book I highly recommend it, especially if you want a laugh. It would also make a great Christmas present for that YouTube crazy in your family! 

Let me know if you would read the book, and if you have what did you think?

Love Always,