Rebranding Rai.Erin.Rose | RaiRambles

It has been a year and a bit now since I started this blog. While I’m loving writing and creating posts I have however fallen out of love with the blog itself. I have been looking at re-branding for a while deciding if I should go ahead or not. 
I have decided to do so I have talked to a few readers and friends about it and I’m still asking a few questions but it should all be going ahead! 

So what does this mean? I will still be blogging about lifestyle, events, fashion and I will probably have a million things to ramble about in the future haha! It does mean the following;

– Name change. Rai Erin Rose is my name and as I started the blog for myself it fit. However I now realize that by sharing my life all of you are involved as well! So I want to move the focus off of my name and create something more passionate and rolls of the tongue haha! 
Plus I had a few people not understand that this was my name with no spaces! A few said Raier in Rose. So if they were confused a few more people must have been as well! 

– A bit of a colour change. I will keep Orange in a few places on the blog! (Duh I can’t live without my favourite colour!) I will be changing away from the green though!

– Layout. I am looking to buy my first layout! I have very, very limited coding skills, so could never do this myself. I accidentally fell in love with a $60 layout so I am hoping to find one $20 or lower that gives me the same happiness. I would pay that but I’m broke! haha

– Domain name. Yes I am broke but I am considering creating a domain name and getting rid of the .blogspot! I would love anyone’s feedback on this and I might ask a few of my fave bloggers about the process and going about it!

– Over all look. New header, logo, about me page, contact. Literally I want it to run smoothly and look cohesive over the whole blog! 

Now to wish me luck! I’m hoping to have it all done by the end of the year so we can start afresh 2016! If it happens sooner brilliant! But I am also factoring in my procrastination side. I am handwriting the header/logo so I don’t have to stress about font licenses haha and apart from the layout everything is me, myself and I! So very much scary! 

My twitter feed might just be me stressing over the next month, so fingers crossed haha

If you have any recommendations or input as my readers please let me know! If you feel uncomfortable commenting just email me at 

Love Always,


(Whats that a new signature as well? Yes that is the first step in the new design haha)