Harry Potter Tag | Books

I haven’t done a tag in a while and I was reading Vivatramp and she suggested this tag! How can you not resist talking about Harry Potter? Also if you some how haven’t read the books/watched the movies please don’t read on, there are SPOILERS below. haha


Favourite book | 
This is a hard one. I could say Prisoner of Azkaban because that’s when I started getting into the books more. Goblet of fire because obviosuly amazing. Half-Blood prince as we got more Draco and dark story lines and Deathly Hallows because I do love a good last book.

Favourite movie | 
Goblet of fire. I could watch the Merpeople for hours. They are my favourite mythical creatures. I love the song they sing for the clue. Also it was the first major death and it made the books/movies mature a little and get a bit darker which I enjoyed. Dragons as well were involved, the magical world grew as we saw the other two schools. Ireland won the Quiddich World Cup! David Tennant. Neville. So overall I could go on and on. Now I just wanna watch the movie again haha. If I had to choose a second it would be Half-Blood Prince.

Least favourite book | 
Order of the Phoenix. With a mix of Umbridge and angsty Harry I could‘ve thrown the book at the wall! I didn’t by the way, I could never hurt my books like that. 

Parts of the book/movies that made you cry | 
One name more than all made me cry so much that the walls started to shake and my parents laughed at me. A lot will disagree and yes I didn’t like where he was romantically and he was an arsehole sometimes but I still loved him more than any character. Severus Snape. Even thinking about it now makes me sad. Then Tonks and Lupin happened and I lost it again. I cried happy tears at the end if that helps? It was bittersweet.

If you could hook up with any Harry Potter character who would it be |
JK would hate me, but yes I was one of the ones hopelessly in love with Draco Malfoy. I would’ve slapped some sense and manners into him first haha

Favourite character |
Do not make me choose; Severus Snape, Tonks (I got her name on the back of my year 12 jumper haha), Hermione, Ron, Draco and Luna. I could literally list a billion others but lets stop there! 

What would your patronus be |
Still deciding on this (wish there was a test or something its so hard to pick!) but probably a sting ray or octopus. Some thing that flows and is water based

Which of the Deathly Hallows would you choose |
The cloak. I would never want to kill. I know too well not to mess with the dead, so the cloak. Plus who doesn’t want to be invisible?

What house would you be in |
Slytherin. Forever and always. I always knew, I just felt such a connection with the house. I really don’t like it when we are thought of as purely evil though! Slytherin house also runs in the family, my sister and mum are also Slytherin. My dad is a Ravenclaw and my Grandma a Gyffindor. (Yes I made them take the Pottermore test hahaha) When I got Slytherin on Pottermore I cried! (happy tears haha)

If you could meet any member of the cast who would it be |
I’ve already met the twins, Krum, Tonks and Lucius. So Tom (Draco) and Alan (Severus) would be my next two dreams!

Have you played any of the video games |
I played a couple on a console I cannot remember haha I think they were one of the first four books? But I do own Half-Blood Prince on wii, my sister and I completed it in a day and then spent the remainder wandering around the castle. I could literally sit at the Lake house for hours *dreamy sigh* but seriously the detail of the castle is amazing I wish they would bring out a virtual reality for it! I also own deathly hallows but never seemed to get into it? haha  

If you were on the Quiddich team which position would you play |
I wouldn’t be on the Quiddich team. No time for that, with both herbology and potions club haha If I had to choose though maybe a beater so I got to hit something haha

Were you happy with the ending |
All was wellwith the ending. ;P

How much does Harry Potter mean to you | 
I don‘t fully remember going from just enjoying Harry Potter to full on needing it in my life. I like how my family all got into it and how my sister and I can get along while watching it. I love how at youth group pretending sticks were wands and casting spells at each other gave hours of entertainment to my friends and myself. I love how during lunch at high school singing A Very Potter Musical was all the rage. How “what house are you” gives you insight into someones personality and is a question I love asking. Also how I got to become friends with all these characters and see such a magical story come to life. I will forever be amazed at JK’s imagination.

So there you have it! My answers to the tag. I don’t know if anyone I tag would be willing so lets just say I tag anyone who wants to!
Let me know in the comments what you think of my answers, agree or disagree? Plus what house are you in?  

Love Always,