Last Minute Costume: Little Red Wolf | Halloween ’15

Let me be honest from the beginning and tell you that I still have no idea what I’m wearing for Halloween. Yep, I’m hosting a party and don’t have an outfit! To get my creative juices flowing I decided to put together a last minute Halloween costume for all of you!

This is very easy once you have a few items:
Dress | I own this as I have to dress up in my job. You can buy a little red riding hood dress from nearly any party store these days. If you want something on the cheap opt for a red dress and an apron from the $2 store!
Basket | I used a cauldron for a Halloween effect (again $2 store), good for storing candy and left overs of you grandma ;P
Ears | I bought these when I went to Supanova this year! But I found two DIY’s on pinterest for you to try; here and here.
Makeup | I just used black eyeliner on the bottom of my eye to give a tired dead look, red lips smudged with a bit of black lip stick and fake blood around the mouth, which you can get from nearly any store on Halloween!

It took me only a few minutes to put together and its a great last minute costume! If you have more time to prepare (aka why I put this post up early) You can go all out on the wolf makeup and gore, go crazy!

Let me know if you try this look, or any last minute costumes that have saved you!

Love Always,