DIY Eye Flowers | Halloween ’15

There is nothing better than something beautiful around Halloween that makes you do a double take when you realize something is off and just a tad creepy. I saw these flowers on pinterest here, and I had to make my own for my Halloween party! 

What you need:

Fake Flowers | Find flowers that will allow room for the eyes

Eye Balls | I found ones as bouncy balls which were perfect but you should be able to buy these anywhere around Halloween

Hot Glue Gun


Spider Webs/red paint | If you want to add extra touches when finished

Preparation | Heat up hot glue gun and decided the placement of the eyes, you may want every flower to see or just a few.

The best part is there is only one step! Just put a dab of hot glue on the back of an eye ball then firmly place inside the flower! That’s it, now continue over the bouquet wait to dry and place it in your vase.

If you want to add any special touches I would add spider web around the petals and even water down some red paint and splatter it over the bouquet for a look of blood. When in doubt add blood and spiderwebs!

Let me know if you try out this DIY send me photos on either twitter or instagram!

Love Always,