Costume Wishlist | Halloween ’15

October time, aka officially Halloween right? I am totally one of those people who try and make Halloween a month long holiday instead of just a day. So this month all posts will be Halloween related, just like last years! Straight off the bat are some of my costume wishlists!


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I feel like this costume is great for both sides of the dress up spectrum. You can either not have time/don’t want to go all out there and shove a sheet over your head or dress up like the above and go all out! My dream ghost costume would have that graceful look to it but every now and then something would catch your eye and give you the creeps. Subtle horror is the best. 


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I’ve always had an obsession with scarecrows around Halloween time. I’ll hopefully be creating some for decorations at my Halloween party! I’m absolutely in love with the costumes above. The full outfits of #2 give off a steampunk vibe which is too die for. For a more scary version of #1 I would put bleeding flowers in the flower crown and eyeballs in some to make it seem eerie and a bit off putting!


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Finally I need to put my favourite; a witch. Witches have been my life since forever and will always be my favourite Halloween costume. If I could grab all the costumes from Hocus Pocus I would 100%. The great thing about a witch costume is the diversity; you can have a elegant witch, mysterious witch, the green witch, and so on. As long as you are creative BOOM witch costume!

Let me know which costumes out of the three would be on your wishlist! Any others I haven’t mentioned?

Love Always,