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The third RaiReviews of this year, which means only three months till Christmas! It has happened so fast but part of me just wants this year to be over already! These past three months have been a huge roller coaster ride, with more downs than ups. There are quite a few more of you then last time I was on so I want to say Hi! I’m not usually complaining so skip this part! haha But for those who are wondering where I’ve been and why I have been all silent and mysterious its due mainly to work. 
I’ve been bullied by a ‘supervisor’ alongside my team and now that we have bought it all up we are basically told to forget it and move on even though we have had multiple panic attacks and reasons for us not to work with her. I am physically and emotionally exhausted therefore the lack of blogging so please forgive me if it takes me a bit to get back on my feet. This is not how I wanted to start my second year of blogging!
Now back to business! Time to review my blog from the last three months! 


I started these three months by going to one of my favourite events, Supanova! | The time of the year where I get to fully release my inner fangirl and nerd out over celebrities and accidentally tell them all I love them haha  

I got really into the fashion part of blogging | Benefits of Op Shopping and then a haul post were the top two of this month!

I also tried out a beauty review of two of my favourite lip colours | Matte vs Balm for all you beauty bloggers out there!


August continued with the beauty blogging | Starting off with a skincare and beauty haul, I really liked how the pictures turned out!

I did a post suggested by a company for Dorm Room Essentials | I liked finally making a collage!

Another #ootd | One to bring me from Winter to Spring!

I did an update post review on the beauty haul at the start of the month | Again I liked the image I made plus I had fun creating a bit of a series with the beauty posts!

It took me a while but I did manage to finally use buffer | I ended up liking it so much I wrote a post on how buffer and twitter chats helped me grow my blog


This is where things got hectic at work and you can see my posts have gone down in number. So here are three of my favourites from this month.

Pan came out! I love Peter Pan | I did a listography post of favourite movies adapted from books talking about all the movies about Peter Pan! 

I also finished Louise Pentland’s book! | I did a review of ‘Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter‘ great for book lovers! 

Plus who doesn’t love music? | A spring/Summer Playlist for all those who want to get up and dance 

.    .    .

I really hope this roller coaster starts taking me for a happier ride going into my favourite season. Plus its my birthday and Christmas soon, give a girl a break? haha Thank you to all who keep standing by me (well sitting down at a computer and silently reading haha)  

Also want to have a mini celebration moment as I have hit a year of blogging, over 10000 views and 50 bloglovin’ followers! 

 Love Always,