Spring & Summer | Playlist

Music helps shape the energy and mood I want to be in around Spring and Summer time. I feel like I go back to a lot of old favourites that mix well with new sounds. I don’t listen to a lot of music in the Autumn and Winter months and that my passion comes back to it in the summer. With a few concerts also planned I’m super ready to hear new music! So here is my Spring/Summer playlist for all of your enjoyment!



I’ve included the song from the ‘Pan‘ trailer (it may not really fit but I’m so excited for the movie!), two Justin Bieber tracks (sorry I don’t even know how that happened!), my all time favourite Calvin Harris and a few new favourites! 
There are a lot of dance tracks mixed with a few more mellow songs. ENJOY!

Let me know your spring/summer tracks! Or any of your all time favourite songs/albums! 

Love Always,