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Time for you all to meet Sam. Sam is the nurturer, even before she had her wonderful boy she wouldn’t even hurt a butterfly (no really she would run the other direction, she is scared of them haha). I met Sam early into high school we immediately clicked and have been part of each others families ever since. I know her kitchen as much as mine (isn’t too hard I recently moved into her old home haha it really is a small part of town!) Being able to have Sam part of my life and help each other grow into the people we are now has been a pleasure. 
Now with the newest addition her son. Who I fell in love with as soon as I held him, which I thought would take me longer as I’m not really a kid person in this point of time. He however has changed this and I couldn’t imagine life without his gorgeous smile!
I can’t wait to continue my life with Sam and I’m excited for you all to get to know her, introducing:

Sam | The Nurturer

What do you do to stay positive?
Many things help me stay positive. I’d like to say I’m a genuinely positive person. My son helps me stay positive, I could be having the worst day and just seeing him smile and ‘goo’ and ‘gaa’ is an uplifting thing! God also helps me stay positive, I am a Christian and just saying a little prayer and knowing that God has big plans for me is enough. My family. I live with three sisters, my mother, dad and son. Watching a movie with my sisters, playing games with my four year old sister, chatting to my parents and cuddling my son all help me remain positive.
My cat, I love cats and he always knows how to cheer me up, him purring and cuddling on my lap is a big positive boost. My friends. I have many caring and beautiful souls as friends, from the ones I have online to my dear close friends who make the time to see me. Since having a baby a lot of my friends circle vanished. Those who stayed mean the world. 

Who are your influences & role models?
From a very young age my grandparents have played a huge part in my walk with God. They showed me his grace and bought me to the understanding of heaven, that there needn’t be no worries with God. My friends, all in different ways inspire me. From arty friends, to the literary geniuses, they all inspire.
My mum. She is the person who has stuck by me and raised me to know that no matter what trails I face she will always be by my side.I love her a lot for that.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?
One Direction. I won’t hide my absolute adoration for those boys! I love their music and all of the boys. I’m a big directioner at heart!

Are there any life lessons you have learnt so far?
Over the last year I have gone through a very surprising pregnancy. Losing most of my friends and having to change my future plans. But, not once did I ever regret having my son. He is my world and I would do absolutely anything for him. The lesson learnt here is, no matter what life throws at me I will embrace it with open arms and also know that life always will get better. From suffering depression and anxiety until I was 20 I now realize that this little boy has changed my life for the better. 

What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Do you want to leave one at all?
I’d just love to be remembered as the girl who was nice to everyone she met and who loved people unconditionally. I’m not after an y huge recognition or anything. 

What is one of your favourite memories?
The best day of my life was the day I gave birth to my beautiful little boy. Don’t get me wrong it was very painful! But, its the day I bought the most important and special little guy into the world, I’ll never forget how it felt holding him for the first time.

How has becoming a mum changed your life? Do you view your life differently?
Since becoming a mother I have become more mature I look at people and life differently. Before I had my boy, I felt like I was lost and that I was going down a path leading to nothing. My child changed that view. 
Now I have a real purpose in life and the most amazing little boy. Pregnancy showed that I can only rely on my family and some close friends. My mum, dad and sisters stuck by me and my boy and supported me through out and still do to this day. I’ve lost many friends who feel me having a baby makes me different. I still have those few close friends who don’t see me different and accept my boy. Yes, I was young to have a baby, but I’d never wish to change this. I love my boy and I’m immensely happy now that I have him.

How do you create a routine and stick to it?
I’ll be completely honest, I tried to make a routine to stick by. I tried to feed him every four hours like my midwife suggested but after a few weeks I started to notice that he was forming his own routine. The only routine I’ve made is 8pm quiet time, bath and bed. It’s amazing he sleeps at this time every night, now because of that he doesn’t wake till 2-3am!

What would you do if you could not fail?
Cure cancer. Fix poverty. 


You’ve now met Sam! Hope you are all enjoying this series and that you enjoyed this interview! 

Let me know a bit about yourselves in the comments! Are you like Sam? Or have any friends similar! 

Love Always,