My favourite films adapted from books | Listography #8

With the much anticipated new ‘Pan’ movie set to premiere October 9th, I couldn’t not talk about my all time love for Peter Pan and Neverland. What I love about this world is that there have been so many movies that have been created telling the stories of our beloved Peter. 

I first started with Disney’s version of Peter Pan at that young age I was already hooked and in love with the idea that I could go on adventures to Neverland. Then of course the 2003 live action came to life and with it made Neverland seem more real than possible and that I would be able to experience it in real life. (Younger me was very keen on Neverland, Narnia, Hogwarts I don’t think I’d fully grasped the concept of movie magic yet haha). The soundtrack and visuals for 2003 will probably make it my favourite Peter Pan film to date.

Then I discovered Hook! Peter Pan all grown up having to rediscover himself by saving his children from Captain Hook. Robin Williams made Peter anew for me and I re-watch this film whenever it is on TV. 

I saw Finding Neverland in the cinema with my mum. Haven’t seen it since. I remember crying so I think I repressed most of the film. It is on my must re-watch list though! 

Neverland was on TV one day while my sister and I were on holiday. It was long. Weird. But strangely addictive? I can’t remember most of the plot as it was a full on roller coaster ride but it wasn’t bad either. It is how Peter came to find Neverland after being an orphan on the streets on London. Hook is his mentor who then follows him through. If you get a chance, watch it and please let me know what you think haha!

Now the wait for ‘Pan’! I have watched the trailer too may times for a 21 year old, however I need a new fantasy land to watch on the big screen. (I miss Narnia movies!) I feel like all I see are comedy’s, romance and action. Bring on more fantasy please!

I would love to know your favourite Peter Pan movie and/or your favourite films adapted from books! Let me know below!

Love Always,