Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter | Book Review

You all know by now how much Louise is a role-model in my life and that she is one of my favourite people of all time. So when she announced her book I was overly excited. Not only is the artwork and cover a joy to look at but the messages behind the book are a great way to go about life. So once it was in store I grabbed myself a copy and got right into reading!


Glitz | From beauty, fashion and travel. This was one of my favourite chapters. I know there are a few products Louise mentioned I would love to try out (after I save!). The travel section also caught my interest as I would love to travel a whole lot more but the flights freak me out and Louise had some great tips on making these run as smoothly as possible. The art of shopping had some great memories of fashion disasters which allowed me to laugh at my own fashion mistakes as a young teen! 

Create | The famous ‘Anti-baking’ chapter gave me a few giggles knowing how Louise did NOT like to bake (I do but I agree that there have been more mistakes than greatness!). I loved the small DIY ideas for both gifts and making your room more unique.

Need to knows | The school sections I found myself skimming as I haven’t been to school for a while now. However I do agree that stationary is one of the best things in the world and glad that blogging allows me to continue buying these things! The bullying and self confidence chapters were really important in knowing we are not alone. I really recommend this book if you are experiencing these as Louise gives genuine advice and proves that it can and will get better.

All about love | Boys and dating. As a 21 year old who has never had her first kiss I could probably take something out of these chapters however it was aimed for those younger than me so I’m still a bit out of the loop. However they did bring a great smile to my face hearing about dating disasters! 

Baby Glitter. I don’t plan on having a baby any time soon but being able to read about the
love Louise has for Darcy and how everyday this grows filled me with joy.
It also helps that one of my friends had a baby this year (he is 5
months now!!) I can see this through her and makes me excited for when I
have kids of my own.

The last part of the book was about kindness. This was the perfect summary for the book as the main message I saw Louise getting across was to always be kind. Her outlook on life is still one I look up to and would aspire to. For this reason I really recommend you give it a read.

Pros and cons:

Pros | Louise’s book is sprinkled with great advice. With a mix of her own experiences we get an inside look into her life gaining advice and adventures. It is great because even though life is tough Louise concentrates on all the positives that come out of it. The book is full of kindness and the message is to share this kindness with the world.
The book covers all areas of life and a wide range of audiences can grab a little bit of insight.

Cons | There aren’t many cons, however, as some of the chapters  are aimed at a younger audience, I found that some of the advice wasn’t relevant to me personally. Which is okay as I could see how it could have helped me if I read the book at 13-16 years old.

Similar reads:
If you are YouTube obsessed like me, ‘Grace’s Guide‘ would complement this book perfectly. For younger readers I would suggest her ‘chummys’ book ‘Girl Online‘.

Have you read Louise’s book? What did you think? If not do you think you’ll give it a try? Plus let me know any similar reads you know of!

Love Always,