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Hello Spring.

This time last year I still had no idea what I was doing or where this blog would take me. I actually have a post with the same sort of idea but with bad edited photos and a very younger looking me (even if its only been a year!). I can’t believe I’m linking you but have a few laughs here

I am so happy to say that I have kept with blogging for a year and that I’m still excited about where it can take me. Not only has my writing and editing improved, I’ve made friends and gained you as readers which still astounds me! Sometimes I read through old posts and see how I’ve grown over the past year. But now its for new beginnings and spring cleaning!

Goals for this next year:

Blogging on the regular | I’m going to try and blog ahead of time so that I can keep posting every 3-4 days, hopefully if I get enough inspiration I can narrow it down to every second day. Learning and growth takes time so I’m not going to rush myself! 

Re-brand | Yes! Hopefully sooner than later but this is on my mind! Colour theme, logo, fonts, layout the whole lot if I can! I like my content, just not how I have it laid out at the moment. I may even change platforms, so if you have any tips and advice, do let me know below!

Videos | Don’t hold me to this. I hate the way I sound on camera so that’s the first obstacle. But I would love to have video diary’s of exciting days with friends, concerts, and events to look back on instead of just pictures. Plus I would really love to do a look-book and room tour I could watch those videos for hours! haha! I think it would also be a great way to communicate better with you all and have chats!

Looking forward to:

With spring arriving it means summer is on the horizon! If any of you know me then you’ll know that I’m extremely excited about this as summer is my favourite season! I’m hoping to be out and about much more than last year so here is what I’m looking forward to!

Bike rides and Roller blading | I got a new bike so you bet I will be making good use of it! (just need to find a pretty helmet haha) Also we moved to an area with no hills! WOO! Which means I can get my roller blades out again!

Events | I have three concerts (Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and Tay Tay!) which I am greatly looking forward to! Also Spring/Summer brings Halloween, Christmas, NYE and my 22nd birthday! So I should have a jam packed time!

Beach and markets | Nothing brings me more joy than the beach. I can’t wait to grab a new pair of swimmers and chill with sand, sun and surf! Also for some reason when I think of summer my mind goes to markets? Will try and hit more of these up!

Food | Mango season. What more can I say? haha


I know a lot of you are on the other side of the world therefore your summer has just ended and you are heading off into Autumn. Either way the next few months should be super for all of us! I want to thank you all for reading and bearing with me! 

Let me know your blogging goals and what you look forward to in the Spring/Summer time!

Love Always,