Skin Care & Beauty | Haul

Another Haul! Lets be honest here and say I may of had a little shopping spree over the last few weeks. Beauty wise it is probably dangerous for Bronte and I to go into Priceline thinking that we will come out empty handed. We never do! I decided that after this haul at the end of the month I will recap how the products have gone for me and give a mini review!

How is it possible I have never used a mask before? Well it is, but luckily Bronte pointed these ones out! The packaging from the get go caught my eye, anything with bright bold packaging will do. I’m like a magpie seeing something shiny haha (even my tumblr URL is based on colours) plus they were a total bargain!

Now I also wanted to start a proper beauty routine. I found that just using my face wash wasn’t cleaning my skin as much as I wanted. My friend Jeanette told me about this cute gift pack by Simple to try out and see if it works! So far I am enjoying it! It also came in a cute little box.

Now that there is one month till Spring I am getting so into the summer mood. (Please come sooner warm weather!) To do so I always grab moisturizers that have smells that bring on that summer lovin’! This time I decided to go for the shower cream and it smells amazing!

With Summer smells come summer colours, these nail polishes were on sale so I decided I really did need them in my life ;P. Plus they give good coverage compared to similar colours I have used which need about 5 coats! 

So there is my quick beauty haul! Let me know if you have used any of these products and what you thought!

Love Always,