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month meet Rose. If there is one thing you need to know, it’s that her
mind works 100% faster than anyone I know. Luckily I had all of high
school to be able to keep up with all her topic changes within one chat
haha. Along with this came her crazy imagination and she has been
channeling this through her art and film work since forever. If there
was a list of people who got me more into film and TV Rose would definitely be on it. Plus we had a love of Harry Potter where we
would even go far enough to memorize ‘A Very Potter Musical’ and much to
our friends horror sing it nearly every lunch time for multiple

So let’s get started at peering into a little bit of Rose’s mind shall we? Introducing:

 Rose | The Film Buff.

What got you interested in film?

grew up hearing the stories about my Dad and Grandfather on film sets
together, about how baby elephants ran wild on set, monkeys stole the
director’s seat and how insufferable some people were to work with. The
way my Dad always talked about his days on set, working and working for
the job he loved seemed like a dream come true. Of course, I understood
he only remembered the good times and memorable moments. He’s kept
photos of my Grandfather working and some with my Dad in it, and they
seemed like this attainable dream I could reach, that working in film
was in our blood. 

Dad was always taking photos and videos of us, sending them to his
mother in England so she could see her grandchildren growing up and her
son. Soon, the cameras were passed over to my sister and I to have our
hands at.

As soon as my hands latched onto the JVC Camcorder I never let go,
constantly making movies with my friends in our backyard, writing the
script, picking out costumes, re-shooting as many takes as necessary.

In essence, I guess I was just surrounded by it and the film bug never let me go.

What are your top 5 movies?

EVERYONE asks this to filmmakers and film students. Honestly, I’m a big fan of impeccable set design and attention to detail.
1| Star Wars IV, A New Hope
2| Jurassic Park

3| The Grand Budapest Hotel

4| Pirates of the Caribbean

5| Marie Antoinette

Who inspires you in film making?

My inspiration isn’t a question of “who”, but of “what”. 
watch so many films and TV shows that I’m constantly writing down ideas
and making character sketches. The actors performances in their roles
and the absolute believably that yes, there are intergalactic space
wars, swashbuckling pirates and giant cat-shaped living buses is what inspires me. 

Captivating generations of audiences is what does it for me.

What are the hardest challenges you have faced? How did you overcome them?

the world of Australian short film, it will be ridiculously hard to cast
anyone over the age of 27 in an unpaid role. Even more so if they’re
Far too many times have my classmates had to beg friends and family to fill in cameos and roles. 

What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Do you want to leave one at all?

don’t need to have my name known across the globe like many actors and
some directors and writers, I’d be happy with a small cult following of 6

What do you want people to know about film?

seem to think that film consists of nothing more than big budget
directors, producers and actors. They’re forgetting the hundreds of
roles that make films and shows. There’s location scouts, key grips
(lighting assistant), best boys (again, lighting assistants), gaffers
(they literally tape everything down), runners, first and second
assistant directors, whole rooms of writers teams, catering crews the
size of a small army and countless people who work in SFX and colour grading to make everything look pretty.


What would you do now if you could not fail?

I’d try my hand at a TV show treatment to be made and shown on-air. Maybe something as out-there as Danger 5 was.

I hope you had fun meeting Rose! 
Let me know if movies have become your life and which ones are your favourite!

Love Always,


Past RaiofSunshines |

Bronte | The Artist

How did you get into creating and art?

must have been drawing on walls or creating some kind of chaos as a
child. My parents took me on what can only be described as an “Art
school pub crawl” throughout my childhood. I sought out every creative
environment; pottery class, drama class, sewing class, writing class,
and many art classes. My Oma (grandmother) would set up some paints and
buy me a canvas and I would stay there painting for hours.

Jeanette | The Beauty

Where did you get your love for makeup from?

first got my love of makeup from my older sisters. I used to love
watching them get all dressed up before they’d go out. I remember they
used to do their eyeshadow really well and I was always impressed by how
blended it looked, but when I tried it always looked horrible haha.
Because I felt like I didn’t have a talent for applying makeup I wore
minimal makeup throughout the whole of highschool.