My Skincare Routine | Product Review

To be honest with you for the majority of my life my skin care regiment was basically nonexistent, I just used a basic from the food store face wash. Since I started wearing make up however I had to up my game! It wasn’t until recently (the last couple months) where I was making sure to get a proper routine down.

If any of you read my ‘RaiofSunshine‘ series you know recently I interviewed Jeanette on all things beauty. She suggested to me this pack which had a routine already in place. So I gave it a shot and voila I loved it! I never thought toner would be my new best friend!

1| Facial wipes: I was hesitant at first but was discovering just the face wash I use wasn’t removing all the dirt and makeup from the day. What I love about these is that not only does it remove makeup but it also exfoliates at the same time via the fabric it is made out of! 

Facial wipes – $7

2| Face Wash: The face wash wasn’t in the starter pack. However I use this face wash, it really helps with my skin but doesn’t remove makeup that well. I was loving the toner and moisturiser a heap so I decided to pick this up. I now use my normal one in the morning and this one at night. It has a hint of a scrub in it to remove extra dirt, it is soft on the skin however and doesn’t scratch like some of these washes do! What was a big win is that it is also perfume free! The whole range is! With someone with sensitive skins that breaks out often this is a huge plus! 

Face Wash – $10

3| Toner: Why didn’t I use toner sooner? Not only is it super light on my skin and absorbs nicely, the fact that it is creating a barrier for less dirt to get into my pores has been a lifesaver and I am not breaking out as much! Again perfume free and easy to apply, I just dab it on with a cotton bud! It is probably been my favourite out of the pack since using it.

Toner – $10

4| Moisturiser: The name literally says it all. Hydrating, light moisturiser. It absorbs into my skin perfectly and is so light it doesn’t ever feel heavy like others I have used. Also doesn’t block my pores like some have in the past. I put this on after toning and before primer! 

Moisturiser – $10

All in all I am falling in love with this range for my routine. Not only is it super cheap and available, the fact that it is perfume free and all light weight and refreshing gives it a thumb up in my books!

I would love to know your skincare reviews/routines! What have you found that works best?

Love Always,

Note: This is not a sponsored post nor have I been contacted by ‘Simple’ I just really love these products!