Joining Twitter chats & Buffer | How they have helped my blogging experience

For quite some time I didn’t join in on social media. It took me time to gain confidence to join in on my first ever twitter chat and to say to myself “your opinions can matter to!” Not only did I start creating my own ideas on what I thought blogging was about, it helped shape in my head the type of blogger I wanted to be. It opened new channels and opportunities to learn and grow while also creating new friendships with others overseas who I hope become good friends.

Twitter Chats |

Friends – Have been a major part of why I keep coming back to these twitter chats. I didn’t realize how welcoming other bloggers would be and how well we could get along using only 140 characters! If you are feeling a bit left out or wary give a chat a try and you’ll feel welcomed in no time!

Allow to grow conversation and ideas – Chats are a great way to come up with your own personal feelings on blogging. You get to express your self and form your own sense of self to the blogging world.

Become part of a community – I didn’t realize how big the blogging community was or how involved everyone would be. You soon start to see familiar faces who you will get excited to chat to and catch up with!
Blogging tips – Chats
are great for newbie bloggers! Different types of chats have different
ranges of topics so you will never fall short on tips and tricks. It is a
good stepping stone to asking some experienced bloggers your questions. Plus you will discover new skill sets! You also discover new platforms, organizers and apps to help on your blogging path. Which how I discovered buffer!

Buffer |
As an Australian with most of my readers being on the other side of the world I needed a way to reach out to them while I was asleep!  I heard in a multitude of chats abut a website called buffer and only decided to start using it a week ago. With the results I have achieved I should have used it sooner! I reach a new audience and allow more opportunities to connect with more people!

Ability – It is so simple to use so you don’t need to be worried about your ability. Just sign in with your twitter (or whatever social media you want to link) and bam! Start writing those tweets! 
Schedule – You can choose how many tweets you want to buffer during the day. I went for 6 times a day. I went through the world clock and wrote down a schedule for when most of the world is awake and scheduled it at specific times: morning rush to work, lunch time, when people head home and some in between. That way I can target readers while they are more likely to be reading posts.

Growth – I have now seen a dramatic growth in readership. As before I was only targeting Australian times and only when I remembered to tweet. Whereas now I can schedule to all times in different countries and it is already schedule so I don’t need to worry about forgetting!

My blogging experience |
I now feel way more at ease within the community, I am not scared to reach out for help or opportunities. I am also growing as a blog and reaching a wider readership allows me to find more like minded people and know that my blog is getting somewhere! It is very exciting!

My favourite Twitter chats:
Blogs do it Better | #bdib
BDIB North America | #bdibNA
Create Lounge | #createlounge
East to West Chat | #e2wchat

Let me know any twitter chats you love, plus do you schedule tweets? How do you like it?

Love Always,