Dorm Room Essentials* | A home away from home

Quite a lot of you are in the age range where you will be jetting off to school for a new semester! In Australia we have already headed back to uni but it will also be time for the rest of the world to head back! Parachute reached out to me about the idea of creating a home away from home in dorm room essentials so below I have listed what I would bring and create to make my dream dorm as homely as possible!

1 | Washi Tape: I have become addicted to washi tape! I have a floral print one in my own room to decorate my door and closet. The best thing about washi tape is the amount of DIY you can do to your dorm room and not be afraid to damage the walls as it peels off leaving surfaces as good as new! Don’t be scared to play with you favourite colours and styles. You want to be able to create a space that reflects your personality and puts you a fabulous mood.

2 | Decor: You can get hooks that you can pull off at the end of semester so don’t hold back on the wall art. I always have my dream catchers above my bed so I would bring these with me to create a homely feel. The clock is a win-win not only will you have the time, it brings the outside in with the fake grass. Always try to aim to have some sort of plant life in your space. It will make your mood brighter!

3 | Rug: I have a great blue striped rug in my room, not only does it add colour but the stripes make the room feel bigger. That is essential in a dorm room as they have limited space! Mess around with prints and colours to suit your style. 

4 | Pillows: Pillows add; comfort, style and colour to the space. You can change these up constantly and have them both on your bed and desk chair.

5 | Bedding*: Bedding is an absolute essential. The bed is the heart of the dorm room and you will spend a lot of time here. So it should reflect your style while also being comfortable all round. Parachute bedding is the reason for this post. They have a ‘Back to school’ deal going on at the moment so if you are looking for quality bedding head on over to their site here! To make my bed feel like home I start with minimal colours and then use pillows and throws to add the pops of colour I want.

6 | Lights: What is more important than a light whilst staying up every night studying. Make sure you have a great light source. Plus the one above reminded me of the pixar lamp, whats more to love? To add more homely elements to this I would tie a brightly coloured ribbon around the stem. Younger me started doing this around 7 years old. (I was really into witches and read somewhere that it was an acknowledgement to the moon haha but hey it is also a great decoration idea ;P) 

7 | Storage: You will need it. I go for minimal but functional. You can always use the washi tape to make it unique!

8 | Books: To put in the storage. There is nothing that makes me feel more at home than my favourite books. Yes you may not have time to read them while studying every text book known to man but if you ever feel homesick just pick up a favourite and rejoin the characters that make you feel great again!

9 | Candles: Smell is extremely important to me. Especially when trying to make the dorm feel like home. Once you have your favourite scent you can start to relax and not stress that you are somewhere else. Plus its a great way to study! Find a scent that you can have in your room while studying but also comes with a mini scent stick/perfume. Wear the perfume in the exam and the smell will trigger back to when you studied for the test! 

10 | Desk decor: I have a lot of bits and bobs around my room. Take your favorites like the globe (I love globes <3 ) and have it on your desk as a homely reminder! Also who could forget cute little speakers to have when jamming out?

What are your dorm essentials and how do you make it feel like a home away from home?

Love Always,