The benefits of Op Shopping | How Op Shops can save you money and help your creativity

In the past few months I have seen a change in how people see Op shopping. I constantly hear people saying “I need to go Op Shopping!” or “Lets go on an Op Shop crawl!”. If you haven’t been bitten by the Op Shop bug then you should go to your nearest one and see what you can discover!

I took quite a while to jump on this band wagon. Honestly I used to not be a big fan of the idea. But one Halloween I was in desperate need of a costume, found a dress for $5 that used to be $85 and I have never looked back!

I’m literally on a Op Shopping binge.


How can they save you money?


I have always been a big believer in saving money. I will talk myself out of buying nearly anything over $20 because really Rai, do you really need another pair of shorts? (I do admit shorts are always my downfall but hey everyone has their weakness!)

So when I finally figured out that I didn’t care where I bought my clothes I realized Op shops weren’t even that bad. When you stop caring about what other people think, it gives a whole new perspective. Teenage me didn’t realize that no one who matters actually cares where you bought that dress! As long as you feel great in clothes and get a great bargain at the same time, who can complain!

I have saved a lot on not just clothes but books as well. As books only cost about $2-$10 at these places. I have picked up books I wouldn’t have found in a traditional book shop and 90% of the time they are still in great quality. Which is super important to me as I treat my books better than most things in my life haha

For example: It is winter in Australia at the moment so I have been looking at proper winter coats for a while. Recently I went to an Op shop with my mum because she was looking for coats as well. All the styles that I liked at regular shops were looking to be $100+! That is insane to my cheapskate mind! So when my mum picked up a coat in the style I was looking for and it was in my size for only $14, how can you not admit Op Shops can be the way to go! (Mum also got her coat for $5!)

Now on to how it helps your creativity.

As I said above, the first time I went to an Op Shop was for a costume. I bought a blue dress for Halloween so I could go as a Twisted Wendy from Peter Pan (you can see bad quality photos on this post! Wow a flashback haha).

Figuring out what clothes can fit a costume can be a great way to get creative. I have even bought cheap t-shirts just to reuse the fabric for a belt in other costumes.

Once your creative juices are flowing you can make them useful to your everyday style. I have found many items that don’t look the best on the hanger but have realized they can look amazing when on! You just have to have a more open mind and play around with it!

Summary of Op Shop benefits.

– Save a lot of money on clothes, books and even furniture

– Last minute costume lifesavers

– May even find some vintage buys! Plus the chances of someone wearing the same thing is very low!

– Money goes to charity as most of the Op Shops in my area are charity run.

– Fun to do with friends.

So these are my thoughts on Op Shops! I hope you enjoyed this post. I should post an Op Shop Haul soon! So look out for that.

Let me know if you Op Shop. Have you had any great buys? Comment Below!

Love Always,