Remember Me? | RaiRambles

I feel so bad about how I have been lately. So I have decided to sit down and just write it out and hope you all don’t hate me for not blogging regularly lately!

First off. This has to change immediately! I’m going to reevaluate my organization and figure out what I need to change to keep multiple aspects of my life going including this blog.

I haven’t lost the passion rather than just the motivation to keep going. I won’t go into to much detail but some bad stuff happened in my life which triggered what I call a ‘bad day’ which went on way longer than usual. These ‘bad days’ sent me into a spiral of letting things go! Which unfortunately included blogging, friends and just my over all well being.


I am picking up the pieces again! 

I stopped going on social media and decided to take a step back. I have got a lot of plans with friends and have spent the last two days with them as well. It has felt amazing. I really needed it. I forgot how much I rely on them and it made me think of why I loved working on my ‘RaiofSunshine’ series.

Speaking of which the next one will be up of soon as the 19th is coming around! I also have a few post ideas up my sleeve and I’ll get to back into writing again. It may be slow work but even just writing this is making me remember why I do it!

Again I really apologize for the lack of posts. I’m hoping I will work up to being able to post every third day in the future. Till then bear with me.

As always

Lots of love,