Matte vs Balm | Lip Colour Review

Matte Vs Balm. To be honest I am not one who wears lipsticks but I am slowly figuring out how I can add colour to my lips and keep it on through out the day. As I am still new to the makeup/beauty world, I first started with Lip Stains.
These were a good stepping stone but would dry my lips out and not give me much colour choice!

Finally, on one of my colour searches for the perfect mauve colour, I discovered ‘Revlon ColourBurst Matte Balm – Sultry 225’. It gave me amazing colour that was still in the nude zone so it didn’t freak me out when applying it. I also loved that Matte finish.

However then winter came along! Below and behold cracked lip land! I have awful cracked lips in winter. I found that the Matte Balm started being too dry for my lips, so off to Priceline I went. I heard about these Balms that were similar to the Matte lip pencil but were much more hydrating when applying. Enter ‘Rimmel Colour Rush Balm – Keep Mauving’. It had the same tones as my beloved ‘Sultry’ but it wasn’t drying me out!

Both of these lip colours have made their way into my everyday makeup routine. Now for the differences! 

Sultry Vs. Keep Mauving

Sultry | 

   – Leaves more colour on the lips making them stand out.

   – Matte finish makes it look more like a lipstick which is the look I want to aim for.

   – Gives you a vintage/classic look.

Keep Mauving |

   – Glides onto lips easier and gently.

   – Blends in with natural lip colour to give the illusion of natural coloured lips

   – Hints of sparkle that catches the light better.

Overall I love both lip colours. If I was to choose, I would pick ‘Sultry’ for summer/nighttime looks and ‘Keep Mauving’ for winter and day time looks!

What do you think? Let me know your favourite colour! Also how do you keep your lips from cracking/peeling?

Love Always,