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The beauty. What comes to mind? Well these days beauty gurus can be found at the click of a mouse. They are everywhere and so dearly needed when searching for what is right for your skin, or wanting to test out a new look. I find there is nothing better to de-stress than watching someone put on makeup (is that weird? hoping it isn’t just me! haha).

When I think of Jeanette I think of make-up but I also see the other beauty in Jeanette. The friend who will always be there for a hug or to crack a joke at the end of the day. I’m a big believer in beauty radiating from the inside out and Jeanette is an example of that.

But I couldn’t not have a beauty guru post and seeing as I’m not the best person to ask lets leave it up to her. So here is introducing:

Jeanette | The Beauty

Where did you get your love for makeup from?

I first got my love of makeup from my older sisters. I used to love watching them get all dressed up before they’d go out. I remember they used to do their eyeshadow really well and I was always impressed by how blended it looked, but when I tried it always looked horrible haha. Because I felt like I didn’t have a talent for applying makeup I wore minimal makeup throughout the whole of highschool.

But when I started university and began my major in History, having to put my pursuit of art on the side lines for a few years I began to practice doing my makeup because I could express my artistic side through it. Also, going into university I began to open up and show my personality more so I found makeup an effective way of reflecting my inner-self 🙂

I started off with the basics at first but after watching numerous you-tubers “Get ready with me” videos I started to explore other ways of applying makeup and became more adventurous with what colours I use and so on.

Do you have any beauty inspirations? Makeup or fashion wise?

I’ve always been inspired by the fashion and makeup styled in the 1950s-60s, probably because I’ve always looked up to my grandparents and always loved looking at pictures of my grandmother and my great aunts who wore this style of clothing and makeup during their young years. I really love the elegant and classy, but also sexy pinup girl look. Someone I’ve always found inspiring and who encapsulates this look perfectly is Dita von Teese. I love her 1950s retro makeup and hair look, as well as the elegant clothing she wears. Like her I often wear a black cat-eye look paired with matte red lips or mauve natural lips and full eyebrows.

What are your favourite products?

Oh I have so many haha. 

My favourite and absolute holy grail foundation is Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation, which sometimes on hot humid days I top off with my favourite pressed powder ‘Stay Matte’ from Rimmel, which isn’t too heavy so It keeps my skin flawless but natural. I love Revlon because unlike many other drugstore brands they cater for people who have fair skin with yellow undertones.

Most drugstore brands only provide fair foundations with pink undertones; because most people who are olive are often tan and people with pink undertones are more likely to have fair skin.

Revlon Colorstay is one of the only drugstore foundations I can use, it matches me perfectly and at the same time it has amazing coverage and staying power. I have oily/combination skin but it stays matte throughout the whole day, even during summer when it is humid and hot! My Revlon Colorstay foundation even beats the higher end foundations that I own.

I have two Holy Grail concealers, which are also from the drugstore, which I use everyday. My Maybelline Age-Rewind for my under eyes to conceal my dark circles and my Maybelline Fit Me concealer in 15 for my blemishes.

I use Age-Rewind for my under eyes because it is much more moisturizing then my other concealers and using any other concealer dries my under eyes out which is not a good look!

I have not found my favourite primer, but I do enjoy my Smashbox Color Correcting Adjust Foundation primer because it does the best job of making my makeup stay all day and gives me a smooth base to apply my makeup over.

My mascara of choice is Bare-minerals Lash domination and Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex’, they both create amazing volume and give me the look of having more lashes than I really do without looking like I have spiders on my eyes haha. My go to look for my eyes is the 1950s cat-eye, which I use Rimmel ‘Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner’ in ‘100% Black’ to do.

This liquid liner is very long wearing and creates a jet black matte look, which I much prefer over the glossy eyeliner look. 

For my eyebrows I use Rimmel’s brow pencil in Black brown that I reach for over all my other eyebrow products because it is the only one, which is a cool-toned brown.

Most brow products for brown/dark brown hair look very orange on my brows, especially because I am so fair, and my hair is a cool-toned brown so this brow pencil looks the most natural and stays really well too. I like to fix my long eyebrow hairs in place with the Anastasia Beverley Hills translucent eyebrow gel. For my cheeks I have many favourites, but the ones which stand out the most to me are the Balm ‘Instain’ blushes, I use the colour ‘Houndstooth’ the most because it goes well paired with any lip shade. For my lips I have many ‘holy grails’ and like my cheeks I like to mix it up with numerous shades, especially reds, bright pinks, bright oranges, plums and mauves.

Some of my favourite ranges are the Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Finish lipsticks (especially 111 ‘Kiss of Life’, 107 and 106), Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms (especially 225 ‘Sultry’, 250 ‘Stand Out’ and 220 ‘Showy’), the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains (especially 055 ‘Adore’, 040 ‘Rendezvous’ and 005 ‘Crush) and the Rimmel Provocalips Lip colours (310 ‘Little Minx’ and 230 ‘Kiss Fatal’ are amongst my favourites). 

I also recently have tried out Essence Longlasting Lipsticks and have fallen in love with the shade 06 ‘Barely there’, which is an amazing mauve shade, great for autumn and wintertime. For eyeshadows my all time favourite is TooFaced’s Chocolate bar palette, which has an array of nude, gold and plum shades which transfer amazingly on the lid, even better dare I say than the Urban Decay Naked palette shadows.

Also Maybelline’s Color Tattoo Eyeshadows are my go-to shadows from the drugstore when I want a simple and quick look for the eye, they have amazing pigment and apply and wear very well, and are even good to use as primers for the eyelid.

Lately I have been really into contouring, which I have only really been doing for the past six months, and my go to palette for this is my Smashbox Contour powder kit, which comes with a matte contour, bronzing and highlight shade, although I usually just use the contour shade because I’m so fair I feel like bronzing does not do me any good and the highlight shade in the kit is actually my natural skin colour and so does not do any sort of “highlighting” for me haha. I do sometimes use the “highlight” powder on my t-zone for oil control sometimes and it works okay.

Do you have any influences or role models? Those who help you go about life?

I think my friends, family and my boyfriend are my influences and role models. I like to surround myself with good hearted and loving people because I know how important it is to have good people in your life. Also, being a Christian I’d have to say Jesus and the message he brought with him has to be the largest influence in my life, Jesus is my biggest role model. To be a good, loving, compassionate and selfless person like him is my ultimate goal in life.

What do you do to stay positive?

I practice mindfulness to stay positive.

Because I have on and off anxiety I find practicing mindfulness keeps me in the moment and stops me from worrying so much about the future and what may or may not happen. Also because I’m a Christian I find prayer helps too, and I always make sure I read at least one verse from the bible each day. The idea that there is a greater force out there, one that can fix any problem, keeps me positive even when at times everything seems a little impossible.

Also I have found surrounding myself with the right people, positive, loving and selfless people also puts me in a positive mood. They say if you want to see where you will be in 5 years time look at your friends. So I don’t go out of my way to spend lots of time with people who are going to lead me down a bad road, instead I surround myself with people who have good hearts and who influence me in a good way, like Rai 🙂

What is one of your guilty pleasures?

My guilty pleasure is watching cartoons like Monster High and Disney and Pixar movies like Frozen and The Little Mermaid.

I used to watch a lot of cartoons when I was a kid and always felt relaxed when watching them, so I usually watch cartoons and Disney movies when I need a little cheering up or just to relax 🙂 

I love movies and shows like these because they’re less serious and in a world where everything is serious its nice to have a break haha. I think also I am still a kid at heart because I also enjoy Kinder surprises, mostly for the toys inside haha. But I do watch other more “mature” shows, at the moment I’m really enjoying ‘The 100’. 

What would you do now if you could not fail?

I love makeup a lot but I think I would love to become a freelance artist, producing works and selling them to people and maybe opening up an art gallery. Art is my first love and I’d be most happy to do it for a living.


I hope you all enjoyed part two of the new series! I am literally aiming to buy most of the products Jeanette mentioned above. There is just something about makeup wizz’s who make me want to try it myself! 

Let me know of any makeup lifesavers you have in your life in the comments!

Love Always,