Events with Rai | Supanova Sydney 2015

On the 19-21st of last month I attended the annual Sydney Supanova. I have been to about 3-4 Supernovas now (yes I can’t actually remember they all start to blur into one haha) and I really enjoy them. For those who don’t know I am secretly a huge TV, Movie and book nerd. My books are my babies, I have a cardboard cut-out of David Tennant and I watch TV religiously. So Supanova is one of the events I look forward to all year!

Last year I volunteered which was a brilliant and emotional experience. I had never worked at an event of such a grand scale before! So this year (as I had a job) I saved up got a Priority Ticket, extra money but so worth it. I even stayed at a Hotel with my friend Bronte so we were closer to the venue! It was amazing. At the Event I met up with my other friends, Kaitie, Rose and Zoe. (Some of whom you might meet in my RaiofSunshines series!).

Cosplaying is a major theme at these events. Bronte dressed as Roller Derby Harley and Kaitie had three cosplays for each of the days! I went simpler; I wore an Achievement hunter top Friday, Batman on Saturday and Captain America Sunday.

Now onto the guests! Above are Josh and Chris from Rooster-teeth. A YouTube channel I am totally in love with (Can you tell? Probably? I met them all three days haha). 

I also met the following epic people!

– Jason Isaacs | Lucius Malfoy and Captain Hook *swoons*

– Bonnie Wright | The third Weasley I have had the pleasure of meeting!

– Bob Morley | Funny fact, I haven’t started watching ‘The 100’ yet, but it is on my list so this was for future me haha

– Danielle Panabaker | From watching her on Disney, Sky High and now ‘The Flash’ I totally freaked out that I got to meet her in person! She is absolutely lovely!

Elizabeth Henstridge | Simmons!! From ‘Agents of shield’ she was literally perfect in real life. Kaitie and I got a normal photo and went back
for a silly one and Liz was totally on board!

These weekends are some of my favourites; events like Supanova are why I was interested in studying event management in the first place! Being surrounded by like-minded people who all love the same things, making friends in line for photos, listening to panels and just the overall experience is why I keep going back.

 Let me know if any of you have attended events like these!
Love Always,