Words I love and hate the sound of | Listography #6

I feel like this fits in nicely this month as at the beginning I did a pinterest post on words. Words have a big impact and as a blogger and avid reader I see this constantly.

Now lets have a bit of fun!

When I start to think of words I love/hate the sound of I always think of Miranda haha

Words I love:

– List

– Breathtaking


– Magic

– Gift

– Wonder

Words I hate:

– Definitely

– Relax

– Late

– Failure

– Stubborn

Looking at these words displays something personal I think. The ones I love are words that have been involved in my life during happy moments and throughout books I have loved reading. I live on magic and fantasy books, breathtaking just rolls off the tongue and who doesn’t love a good list!

The words in the hate list are there probably because I hate to be them and/or I can never spell them the first time. (Looking to you definitely! It’s like my brain refuses to learn you!!! haha)


Do you have any words that you love, hate or find hilarious?

 Let me know in the comments!

Love Always