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Can you believe it has already been three months! Plus we are now half way through the year. I’ve got to start getting my game face on and do a heap more work before then! Speaking of which it is now time for the second review of my RaiReviews series. For those who are new I now review my blog every three months check out the first one here!


April I was in full swing and control of my blog. I was in love with writing and felt more in control of my blog. Lets say I was looking forward to the future.

Jamie Oliver | I started the month by volunteering and meeting the naked chef himself Jamie Oliver!

Playlists | I have a few playlists I make every now and then that make it onto the blog.

 Autumn #ootd | This was my most popular outfit so far. Plus I loved shooting it so I found my love of #ootd again and hopefully they will appear regularly.

Updated my About Me | I needed a change and decided this was a step, plus I wrote a post with facts about me which got a lot of attention!


Then May came along, with 15 posts! As someone who isn’t a daily blogger this was a big achievement. I had so much to talk about and was so happy posts were appearing and being constantly created!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award | by the lovely girls over at ‘Gold and Hearts

Tara Moss | Another volunteering role, another great talk! I loved writing this one in particular I feel like my writing game went up a notch on this one!

New series ‘RaiofSunshines‘ | I announced a new interview series! Which I am still working hard on!

Authenticity post | I just felt the need to write a response, and this post made me feel amazing. It also triggered the small daily blogging ‘RaiWatches


Has come to a weird halt. I think the mess of working non-stop, becoming sick and just wanting to sleep all the time has been a nightmare to the blog.

I’ve disappointed myself this month blogging wise. Trust me the passion is still there. I want to blog, re-brand, connect. I just need to find my motivation again.

Loving him was red | Fell in love with this #ootd

First ‘RaiofSunshine‘ | Went live!!

Second quarter done.

I need to step up my game is the response my brain has. But looking back I did do well and I’m happy with the directions I am slowly taking. I am glad to have joined twitter chats and connect with other bloggers. 

Over all I am looking to the future.

Lets get started again!

Love Always,