YouTube #5 | RaiWatches


Last but not least for my YouTube Rai Watches are JacksGap. I know quite a lot of you may already watch them so this will be short and sweet!

The main reason JacksGap is on the list is how they have involved the audiences recently in their collaboration projects and also because I love how they show not only their stories but other peoples. I really enjoyed their ‘Following Heart’ series, Shed Sessions and other vlogs.

Jack and Finn were in my group of the first UK YouTubers to watch so I have seen how they have grown film wise, personality wise and just how they attack life over all. It has been an interesting, fun and hard journey from what I have seen in their videos. 


 I love their story telling processes and being able to see them and their friends travel all over the world and take part in things that they are passionate about. All this makes them really interesting to watch, which you should, starting with the videos below:

Following Heart

The Collaboration Project

The Rickshaw Run – Trailer

Love Always,