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Louise Pentland

If you follow this blog you know how much I look up to Louise. Out of mainstream UK YouTubers if I had to pick just one to watch it would be Louise. She definitely added a ‘sprinkle of glitter’ to my life. Not only is she perfectly content to be herself no matter what, her confidence, humor and love she has for everyone and everything brings you back to her channel time and time again.

Louise is all things beauty, vlogs, family and friends. I love her long chatting vlogs where she just sits down and talks. Her family days with Darcy are adorable and make my heart all happy. I love seeing her interact with her friends and everything in between. If that is what you look for in a YouTuber but still want the authenticity of themselves throughout every video Louise is the girl for you.

Louise is a big role model for me and someone whose qualities I could also aspire to. She is Loyal, kind and extremely generous without wanting things back in return. I want to be this to my friends as well! This list had to involve her for all these reasons. Check out some of her videos from both ‘SprinkleofGlitter‘ and ‘SprinkleofChatter‘:

YouTube Culture

Curvy Summer LookBook

Meeting Disney Princesses

Love Always,