YouTube #3 | RaiWatches


 Day three of Rai Watches is going to be a little different and involve two YouTubers who I discovered round the same time frame and have similar series that they make their own.

Hazel Hayes & Jack Howard

I found both Hazel and Jack through Louise. Hazel and Jack both started a series on their channels, both funnily enough named after that time of the month; Hazel – “Time of the month” and Jack “Pretentious Monthly Scrapbook” aka PMS. After watching these series’ I now wait desperately for each months installments. This way of vlogging is great because we get to see all the ups and downs of the month and how they feel about what is happening at that stage of their life. 

Hazel is one of my favourite Irish ladies (apart from family ;P) and makes me miss it so much. Her tipsy talks get me laughing every time and I get so excited when a new opportunity comes her way. I am super proud of all her hard work and dedication towards film making and will stand right by her through her journey. If you want excellent singing, hilarious tipsy talks all the way through to vlogging check her out. She is authentically herself and does her own thing which is why she made it on this list!

Jack is crazy and sarcastic. Being overly sarcastic myself, I was very happy to find him. He has led me to watching short films I never would have gotten to see and experience, I love seeing a new type of film making. I love the PMS vlogs in particular. You get to see different aspects that you don’t see in his other main videos which was great. Also seeing him interact with Louise and Darcy is one of my favourite things because they’re an hilarious trio. Just witnessing him grow through the PMS videos makes me wait impatiently for the next one! (Also I feel like he would hate me talking about him like this, cue uncomfortable “Jack Howard” *says in drunk Hazel Voice*)

You might as well start at the beginning!

Time of the Month

Pretentious Monthly Scrapbook

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