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Day two of  Rai Watches: YouTube! If you missed out on the authenticity post and day one check them out!

Olan Rogers
Like a lot of people I first saw Olan’s face in GIF form on Tumblr, ‘It’s a Monday’. I was confused to who he was and why everyone was quoting him so I looked it up on YouTube. Watched it, laughed the hardest I had at a YouTube video in a while then showed it to my sister. My sister and I then watched all his story telling videos and I now watch every video he posts. Olan is one of those people who just has to smile and you feel like your troubles have been brushed away. He is a friend I have always wanted and gained through his videos.

Rolling with Olan is one of his series he started and I really enjoyed it got me laughing as if I were driving with two of my friends just joking around. He really knows how to film and talk in a way that connects with people and is uniquely his own.

Olan as a person is so inspiring to me. No matter what is thrown his way, no matter how bad things are he finds that silver lining. He stays positive and truthful and is 100% himself. He never asks for anything in return and only gives out kindness. If we were all as positive and friendly as he is, the world would be amazing. I wish him the world and I can’t wait to see what more he achieves and how much more kindness he gives to the world.

Here are some of my favourite videos:

Death is a Quiet Wave

Rollin with Olan

 Eat a Slice with Me Documentary

Love Always,