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If you read my authenticity post you would have seen me contemplate if I should show you who I watch on YouTube and why. I decided to just go for it because I keep thinking of ideas then dwelling on them to long and they end up never happening.

So from today I will daily post for a week and I will show you who I watch because of their uniqueness, authenticity and work I just love to see. The people who are pushing the boundaries of themselves and following their passions.

What better way to start with Casey Neistat.

I found Casey through YouTube’s ‘What to watch’ list and as I was getting bored of a few YouTubers and looking to expand my watch list I decided to click on his channel and discover more. I am super glad I did. At first I watched a few, laughed a bit and after clicking around I found myself waiting every day for his next video. I haven’t felt the need to wait for someones next video for a while so it made a big impact.

Even in the simple things Casey inspires me. He works hard every day and when I watch him I see a variety of things. I see his love for family and work, his passion to do something every day, his uniqueness and views on the world plus his way of capturing it all on camera in a way I have never seen vloggers do before.

Casey’s insights and how he goes about day to day is so against what we are told to do its like a breath of fresh air. He is doing what he loves and living how he wants and it works. It is perfectly authentic and beautiful to see.

He also leaves me feeling inspired and motivated after every vlog. I’ll link a few of my favourite videos below. I hope you watch them. Casey is a great guy and if I ever met him one day I would be thrilled.

Fat and Lazy

Zero F*cks What People Think

Just Me Talking

Love Always,