Update | RaiRambles

If you look at my schedule on the side of my blog or on my explore page, you might notice that the 19th is highlighted.

Which means it is exactly one week! Till my new series is revealed!

I wanted to post something personal, motivational and a post that would let me write in a different way. It will hopefully bring about different ways of thinking and start discussions!

Next week you will find out the name of the series and I will write the opening to it which will allow you to grasp the concept and ideas behind it.

Then on the 19th of every month (why 19th? It’s my favourite number) there will be a new installment!

I hope you all enjoy it. I loved that I put effort into a project, just for myself and your enjoyment.

Also I would love to know what posts or series’ you love seeing or would want to see, let me know in the comments!

Love Always,