Shopping Haul | May

Does anyone else go a tad crazy when they get paid? I hope so because it will make me feel better haha it’s time for another haul!

This is a mix of books and fashion because who doesn’t love buying books and clothes that they probably don’t need.


 ‘Love Tanya’ by Tanya Burr

If you follow my instagram you will see this is my new ‘RaiReading‘ 

‘Thoughts, Reflections: A line a day for 3 years’ from Typo

Yes I may be getting ahead of myself buying a book that I can’t start till next year. But it was so pretty!


‘Junk Style’ by Melanie Molesworth 

Another book that I bought because I thought “that would look great on a side table!” Everyone buys books for that reason (right?) Also I love looking at interiors and this one looked interesting and unique as most of it is all second hand!


Tree of life Necklace

I have always loved the look of trees, I would love to have a tattoo of one up my arm but 1| I am terrified of needles, 2| My parents would kill me 3| I wouldn’t be able to hide it. Therefore I bought this necklace so I can still have a tree with me wherever I go.

Top and Coat

Again I didn’t need the top, it was on sale so I thought I needed it at the time.

The coat I did need because it is Autumn and I fell head over heels with it. It is the perfect blend of casual chic and the colour is amazing!

(both are out of stock or unavailable!)

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul! Again this is not sponsored by anyone!

Do you have a favourite from the haul? Let me know!

Love Always,