Self Help Books? | Listography #5

The title in the Listography book is “Self Help Books (Not that I needed them)” which I think summaries my relationship with them. Do they work? For some people maybe. I think its nice to have someone tell you how they made it in life and try to help you along with them, but I also think that only ourselves can help ourselves. 

So I decided to pick a comedy self help book/bio. I had to pick Graces! It has tips that are not only funny but could actually help you if you apply them plus her comedic nature is all throughout the book making it a great read.

‘Self Help Book’

‘Grace’s Guide – The art of pretending to be a grown up’ by Grace Helbig


Grace’s Guide is the perfect balance of bio and self help. Mixed with her own stories and what she learnt from them tied all together with comedy and actual help. I will say quite a lot of her points actually helped me but they were all light-hearted enough not to make me dread putting them into play.


The book is set up into 4 main sections:

– Professional Life

– Social Life

– Love Life &

-Your Lifestyle 

All with fantastically named sub headings like “How to throw an adult party” and “How to cook like a kid for adults”.

I love everything about this book, I know for book reviews you are supposed to have both the ups and downs but this one was perfect for me. I not only related to some of it but it helped me out as well. The layout is great plus the photography and styling of the book is also bright, fun and still professional.

I got this book because Grace is one of my favourite YouTubers. I know a lot of them have books now and a few haven’t WOWed me but Graces did because it was still authentically her and not just a “lets make a book because everyone is”. This made it that much better than the rest.


If you are up for a laugh and are a young adult this book is perfect for you. I also read it around the time I read ‘Yes Please’ by Amy Poehler and could see how Grace looked up to her through the writing. So if you liked that book you will like this one!

 Let me know if you have read Grace’s Guide, what did you think?


Love Always,