Liebster Award | Tag


So recently I was nominated to do the Liebster Award Tag (which I was very excited about) by the lovely girls from ‘Gold and Hearts‘ Kaylee and Shaguna.

The rules of the tag are:

1 | Thank and link the person who tagged you

2 | Answer the nominator’s 11 questions

3 | Nominate 11 small blogs who have less than 200 followers. You
should believe that they deserve this award and include their link in
your post

4 |Create 11 new questions for your nominees to answer.

These two girls have been following my blog for a while now and I love when they leave a comment, so this one was even more special! Their blog consists of posts to help you in what ever you need whether it is gift ideas or how to study, its a great read when you want some help 🙂

Check them out here

So lets get started on these questions!

1 | What’s your 90-day blogging goal?

 I actually have a big series that I am planning on the 19th of May so my 90 day goal would be to have the opening post ready and have the next couple of posts after written up and graphics done! I also want to plan out post that I can write in between work days as I just started a new job. Plus Keeping to schedule on my monthly posts!

2 | How do you prepare your cereal? Milk or Cereal first?

 My cereal tastes change from Weet-bix to Cornflakes. Right now I am on a Weet-bix craving.

Therefore it is 2x Weet-bix, crushed. 3 tablespoons of sugar mixed all together. (Yes I am trying to cut down on the sugar! It used to be 4 so I am getting there haha) Then Milk.

3 | What’s your favorite part about blogging?

Having my own creative outlet. Discovering others who motivate and produce projects out of commitment, love and passion. Communicating with other bloggers. All in all I love blogging and can’t wait to see myself and others grow!

4 | Who was your last text message from, and what did it say?

 My friend Jeanette – “haha yeah true!”

5 | If you had one life lesson to share with someone, what would you tell them?

No one is judging you as harshly as you think. You are your worst critic. When I realized that people are too busy to take notice if my top matches my outfit or if I had a pimple. I discovered I was a lot less self conscious which lead to me liking myself a whole lot better. Its what is on the inside that counts, no one cares about the outside, just give them a smile! (If they do care, they don’t matter!)

6 | Which one of your personality traits would make someone call you their role model?

 Wow deep questions! I would like to think that I try to see the best in people and see that they have their own problems. For example when I got bullied in highschool I wouldn’t get mad I would be upset because it meant they were upset to be lashing out like that. They just needed a friend, yes I did befriend a few haha

7 | What color is your favorite to wear?

 My favourite colour is orange however I have red undertones so I like to wear blues and greens. But I have a very multicoloured wardrobe. ( I guess it depends what mood I am in!)

8 | What was the last thing that made you laugh?

 Work. I work at a party store and me and my manager were dancing around entertaining the kids it was hilarious haha

9 | What was your most awkward moment in middle school?

 I am guessing middle school is like year 6-8 here in Australia? I guess most awkward was when my mum told me to make friends and i finally got up the courage to ask if I could sit with these girls on the bus, they turned around and said “there is plenty of free seats” then they laughed at me. I was shocked, I now know I did a perfectly okay thing they were just rude. haha

10 | Tell us about your best friend and what makes them amazing.

 I have multiple best friends, they are amazing because they put up with me and make me laugh
They know who they are an I love them <3

11 | What’s your favorite kind of cookie?
Chocolate chip YUM!

There we go!
Finished! That was fun!
I now nominate:
 Found Some Paper
Brooke Elise
Voyageur Kalee
Abi Street
Eden Markl
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 Caitlin N K
 A Little Piece Of Driftwood
 Eternal Sunday

 My questions are:
1 | Where do you want to travel to most?
2 | 5 things you can’t leave home without?
3 | Who is your biggest inspiration?
4 | Favourite book? Why?
5 | Why did you start blogging?
6 |  What do you love blogging about most?
7 | How do you get motivated?
8 |  Favourite food?
9 | How would you explain your style?
10 | Do you have to read the book then watch the movie? Or does it not matter?
11 | Favourite fictional character?

Can’t wait to hear the answers 🙂
Love Always,