A Summary | RaiWatches

A whole week has passed already! Time for the weeks summary, and last thoughts on Authenticity.

The inspiration from this weeks daily posts all stemmed from my Authenticity post and how I am feeling with YouTube at the moment. I decided to then post the YouTubers who have been inspiring me lately by being authentically themselves. These YouTubers were:

Casey Neistat

Olan Rogers

Hazel Hayes & Jack Howard

Louise Pentland


These are just a few but the main ones that came to mind and the videos I look out for most. Everyone will be different when forming their opinion on who their favourites are on their watch list. That is what makes it so interesting and how different creative outlets connect people. Its once we loose this connection and passion where authenticity stops and we no longer feel the need to watch.

I found a video by ‘Ben Brown‘ where he replies to Casey talking about Rip Off Artists. The line between authenticity and inspiration is very thin I have realized. I agree with Ben that when you are inspired by someone you do end up creating something similar. To make it great you must push yourself to mix with your own ideas and passion to be authentic with it. Otherwise you can become another copycat. 

We need to find that balance and make ourselves sit back and say, “Is this just a copy of what has been done before? Or have I gone out of my way and made it my own?”

I would love to hear your thoughts below and start a discussion! I think its really important as well in the blogging community now that it is growing so rapidly, where we do need to sit back and look at our own work to see if we are being authentic.

Love Always,