Volunteering | Business Chicks with Jamie Oliver

I told you another volunteering post would be up soon!
If you follow my instagram and/or twitter you know that yesterday I volunteered with business chicks and the special guest this time round was Jamie Oliver!

We were at a beautiful ballroom of a very fancy hotel, there were 800 guests attending and Jamie Oliver had expanded his Australian trip by a day just to talk to us all!

About what you might ask? If you haven’t heard already Jamie is starting a food revolution which will be held on the 15th of May.

The event started with an interview to get us all in a positive mood. Jamie talked about how he got into food at an early age when he created in his dad’s pub and found that food was a powerful thing when he could make sandwiches that his friends adored.

We even got the story on ‘why not to cook naked’ from the naked chef himself! It was a great laugh.

Now back to the important issue! 

“We’re currently facing a global obesity epidemic, with 42 million children under the age of five either overweight or obese across the world.”

With the amount of kids that are unhealthy and obese Jamie wants to take action now. How you ask? By starting with us all rallying together to get the governments to put compulsory and practical food education within our schools.

“Its a life skill” by having an understanding of cooking and how the ingredients are grown, kids are able to be more involved and eat a broader range of food.

“I’ve had enough…now is the time to engineer a moment”

Jamie now “has a platform” to get the word out there. With the rise of social media this is going to be heavily social media based. 

You may see the hashtags



around the social media universe, so go take a look!

I think it was really interesting taking it straight to the government, I also feel it is the parents job to feed and teach the children to cook but with our very busy lifestyles and the differences we have in today’s society it would be very handy to have this taught in our schools! I was lucky enough that my parents taught me but I know some friends who don’t know how to cook as they had busy parents. That’s totally okay! But having this education in the school would have really helped them!

Government wise I liked how it linked back to volunteer role I did for Bob Geldof. Both Bob and Jamie mentioned that they believed the 4 year government was failing as it is too short to make impact and change on the world.

“Accept that things will change”

“Take control and re-balance”


To find out more click here. The link will take you to more information and to sign the petition!

I had another fabulous day helping the Business Chicks it may have been a 5:30am start but I was pumped and had a great time!

Let me know what you think about the food revolution below in the comments!

Love always,