Update | RaiRambles

Everyone! I am still alive ;P I have been quiet for the past couple of days and no I’m not ignoring you! I got a new job but on top of that it is the opening for the store (for said job) this week so I am busy, busy, busy!

Normal listography post will be up this Thursday (30th) as planned!

Speaking of said job we get to dress up, so why wouldn’t I be Captain America?! Also did anyone else see the new Avengers movie? How amazing and epic was it!

If the costume actually looks okay I’ll take a few pictures and list how I made certain items 😛

Apart from that I just wanted to let you all know I am still here and posts are coming!

I am still working on the new series which will be announced on the 19th of May! So get excited for that because I am 🙂

Tell me about your week in the comments, I’d love to know if any of you were as busy as me or anything else you have been up to!

Love Always,