My Favourite Book Covers | Literary Listography #4

We all know the saying, “never judge a book by its cover” but sometimes they should be adored and lets be honest we pick up books that catch our eye.

Books that I love having on my bookshelf and some of

‘My Favourite Book Covers’


‘Septimus Heap Series’  by Angie Sage


These books are not only an amazing children’s fantasy series but they look like magic spell books when placed on the bookshelf which is always a plus, right? ;P


These books follow a boy named Septimus, a girl named Jenna and their loved ones. The first book leads you through many discoveries of who people really are. With beautifully illustrated drawings of characters and a map of the land you follow their magical journey and adventures that follow.

Do you have books that you choose because of the cover? Let me know some of your favourites!

Love Always,