Life Update | RaiRambles

Hey all,

Update time!

This past week has been a roller coaster mainly going up!

The main thing being my friend gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, Mason this week! It was very exciting and meeting him was perfect! You can go over to my instagram to have a look 🙂

I haven’t been around babies in years so I was a bit hesitant to hold him but once I had I didn’t want to let go, I can’t wait to see her progress as a mum, she’ll be absolutely amazing at it!

I start a new job next week, I am super nervous but glad to be doing something new and making the most of it!
I have hopefully gotten the hang of organizing now, that it won’t interrupt blogging time!

Apart from those two major events, I have been planning with friends a lot more, practicing Photoshop which I missed, planning a lot of different posts I can start doing and finally in the stages of first edits of the new series I am starting!

This new series I can now say will be introduced to you all on the:

19th of May!

So get excited for that!

It is a bit different but I’ve had a ball planning it and have wanted to do something like it for a while 🙂

 As with all roller coasters, with the ups, come some downs.
I got some very sad news which I will not discuss but saddened me a lot. Makes me realize how precious life is and how much we need each other in our lives and to cherish it.

I also got my first troll comment on my Facebook page, I deleted it straight away because I believe in just deleting hate and not making the time of day for it. It was sexual and unnecessary and made me realize one of the downsides of having a public blog.

Luckily the majority of you are so positive and lovely that you all make up for it!

I just wanted to tell you, so I felt comfortable and that if you ever feel unsafe or abused let someone know!

I will always be here if you need me!

That is all for today!

Love Always,